Alter Peace (1997)

Any discussion regarding sexuality and morality within Western Culture is inextricably linked with Religion and the Church. Spiritual leaders within these institutions are perceived as societies ‘moral guardians’ and through Christian doctrine preached over the centuries we as a society have developed an adversity to the flesh. Where the nude in ancient Greek culture was presented as the mirror of Devine perfection, in Christian art it became the object of shame and humiliation.

Alter Peace seeks to challenge this current perception. Constructed in a multiple frame work of jarrah joinery and painted on plywood panels this work is a 1:1 scale replica of the Ghent Altar piece painted in 1432 by Hurbert and Jan Van Eyck. As a ‘Creation Work’ this replica seeks among many things, to offer an honest celebration and representation of the iconic forms to which every individual owes their existence. Complexities underlying these simple forms reference among many things, circumcision, The Holy Trinity the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and, on closer inspection the ‘Hidden of Forbidden fruit’ which reveal themselves within the clitoris of three female forms that appear as apples… “Pink Ladies”