Borrowing authority of landscape

The histories of landscape painting and the nude differ greatly with landscape painting being one of the genres that were developed in Holland in the sixteenth century It has celebrated an uninterrupted position of privilege since the sixteenth century in Holland. On the other hand, the nude was only acceptable within the confines of neo-classical interpretation and then acceptable only within a very narrow set of parameters during Victorian times, easily falling from grace to be considered a low-brow subject of titillation. Since then, it has struggled to find a comfortable position with the modern history of painting and the socio-political frameworks of the 20th and 21st centuries. I am interested in pursuing the possibility of borrowing the acceptance and accessibility of landscape painting to re-present the body to the viewer.

In his Origin of the World Courbet clearly reminds us of from where things really stem. My current work extends this insight to include the biological, natural and environmental commonalties of life whilst seeking to reclaim the body from Victorian/Enlightenment censorship.